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has been putting St Louis back on it's feet since 1992


50% of our bones and ligaments are in our feet They take the brunt of most of our daily abuse It's time to take care of them.


60 Minute Reflexology, Massage or Reiki

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How I got here.... my journey

Born  the daughter of an electrical engineer and a writer, it is no wonder  that I tend to think a lot.  So it was in 1985 when I began having  migraine headaches, the traditional doctors ran a series of tests.  When  they could not find anything wrong, they wanted to prescribe medicine  that would mask the symptoms, but not really addressing the the source  of my headaches. 

Not  ready to live my life in a numbed state with prescription drugs, I  decided to investigate other avenues for my healing. A friend  recommended massage, and during my first experience while she  was massaging my left hand, I felt a deep pain. And then,  coincidentally I felt that same pain  in the exact same place on my left  foot.  She later explained about how every part of my body was  reflected in my feet. 

It was called "Reflexology."

This  made sense, so off I went to study the mind/body connection. Since  1987, I have investigated many modalities in the healing fields which  then led to my becoming a massage therapist specializing in foot  reflexology as a profession. 


We   care about your well being and will provide you with guidance,   knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. We are here to help you   achieve optimal wellness. 

:At St. Louis Reflexology (St. Louis' oldest foot reflexology establishment) you get what you pay for.

When you book an appointment for 30, 45 or  60 minutes, your session will last just that.  And as always, you will  never be rushed out to make room for the next person.

A variety of sessions are available for all:

30 minute reflexology                 $45

45 minute reflexology                 $60

60 minute kansa vatki reflexology                 $75

Reiki Session.              $70

And for women clientele

60 minute full body massage                       $75


Body  Talk.....   Our bodies are a direct mirror of what is going on in our  mind.  True health is not a question of mere physical fitness, but is  rather the result of the soul finding free expression through the mind  and body of the individual.



I explain reflexology like this:

All  living creatures possess the same common denominator, electromagnetic  energy.  Knowing this, I liken your body to a house.  Your nerve endings  are like electric wires that run to each room.  After years of exposure  to outside elements, the wires get corroded.  In the case of your body,  calcium deposits form on the ends.  One day, you go to turn on the  light in the living room, and nothing happens. Coincidentally, the  electricity in any room that runs off the living room will also suffer.   I am like an electrician that goes in and checks your wiring through  your feet.  I gently massage the nerve endings, the calcium deposit  breaks up, and VOILA!  A clear signal that is received back at the main  breaker. 






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